Richard Dare: The Scandalous Failure of Art and Music

via Richard Dare: The Scandalous Failure of Art and Music.

Human existence is real and art needs to address that: 47 million Americans currently live in poverty. That means 22% of all children in this country will go to bed hungry tonight. 2.2 million family homes are in foreclosure this week with another 9 million or so expected to go under soon. We are the murder capital of the developed world. The United Nations ranks our education system 21st best watch out Cuba, were gaining on you. And our healthcare is the most expensive on the planet, but only the 37th most effective … for those who can afford to buy it.

Art and music need to address these realities. Its not enough anymore to wait until a disaster occurs then play the memorial concert or erect another scarring monument to our collective loss. Art should instead lead the way in a real community conversation about life. Culture needs to get real.



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