Head Spinning

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed that Drew was working on this piece for an upcoming exhibit at another school, themed on Africa.  He was working from an image on his phone.


Not uncommon, to see a student using imagery from his iPod – it’s happening a lot these days.  Intriguingly, though, Drew was working from a design he had created on the Let’s Create Pottery app.  (Staley cited this app in his recent video The Analog and the Digital.)  This was the first time I’d ever seen a student working backwards from a pot created virtually.

When I asked him if I could take these photos, Drew, in return, asked, “Hey, Ms. P., did you get the update yet?  Did you see the print feature?”

“Um… no.”

“Oh.  You’re not going to believe this one.”

Sure enough, the iDreams Community is now offering an option to send pots online to a 3D printer – Sculpteo.  Check out the video.  So you can create the pot onscreen, in the app, and send it to a printer digitally, pay with a credit card ($10.75 for the smallest, 3cm model) and the 3D object will come back to you…. well, of course we had to try it… by March 13.

So… this piece that Drew created… he’s creating a pot… painting it based on digital imagery created on a pottery app…. creating a decal in Photoshop to put on the pot… and now ordering a near-duplicate pot online via a 3D printer.

My head is spinning.

I remember, my first year of teaching at my current school, a student showed me that he was watching a football game on the screen of his smartphone.  I distinctly remember my response. “I think I’ve reached my limit.  I hit my wall with technology.  It’s like I can’t even process what I’m seeing.”

While we await this 3D printed pot to arrive in the mail, I’m questioning my limits again.




3 thoughts on “Head Spinning

  1. I for one will not be satisfied until 3d printers can print a satisfied version of me.

    In the meantime… This seems like an incredible opportunity for alumni collaboration. You can have alums make virtual designs to be printed and sent to current students as “challenges.” It would be awesome to have the unveiling at Empty Bowls so the alums could see how the current students did with the task. Anyway, just a thought. Very cool either way.

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