Teaching/Craft is my forum to explore topics related to the profession in which I’ve found myself – teaching the craft of making with the hand, the mind, and the mouse.

As makers, we offer something essential to making the necessary shifts.  We do serve the people, by creating objects that bring joy, moments of contemplation and reflection to those that use them.

-Malcolm Davis (1937-2012)

Kate Plows believes that a handmade cup just might save the world. She spends her academic year teaching high school boys patience, problem-solving, and self-expression through the mediums of clay and graphic design.  Much of her recent personal work has been in collaboration with her students, exploring ideas of voice, shared experience, and social justice.  She earned her BFA in painting from St. Vincent College and her masters in teaching from The University of the Arts.  She has led student services programs at the assistant director level or higher at the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities, Maryland Institute College of Art, and Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts.  In what little spare time she has, she enjoys freelancing as a graphic designer, throwing pots, and spending time with her animals – the world’s most patient dog and two elderly horses.

She tweets at @kplows, Tumbles here, Flickrs here, and Facebooks here.  Whew!






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